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Contracts Audit Results:

We had the first results run by an independent auditor recommended by the Polygon core team, and these were the findings:

  • The full deleverage can’t be done in just 1 call because AAVE doesn’t provide the “liquidationCall” to pay the debt and withdraw the rest, so there was just something to consider but not much to improve here at the moment.
  • The controller could be changed by the owner (our deployer wallet). This was fixed by deleting the setController method, the controller can’t be changed after deploy.
  • This has now been fixed by modifying the harvest function to receive a rate (previously calculated) to change WMATIC (reward) for the wanted token. Now the only one that can call harvest is the owner.

Coming weeks:

We continue our Tokenomics structure development process, and for this we are having wider conversations with different industry players, from entrepreneurs to analyst to investors, in order to build a long lasting model and absorb as much experience in the sector that we can possibly get.



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