Second week update!

2PI Network
3 min readJun 9, 2021

Ok.. so were we at at the moment…

We are getting ready for the HackMoney Hackathon which will take place in a couple of days. In there, we aim to: a) continue building product product and product, b) increase our network with the wider Ethereum community, c) build up team, and d) ship, ship & ship….

We had a first audit of our contracts this last weekend, and though it wont be a formal audit report at the moments (because we did not requested, for the matter of time and money, plus because we will need a more complete one once we finalize other more important aspects we are building). We simply wanted to make sure that what we built up-to-now was playing safe! In order to be on the safe side for our users. Minor adjustments were suggested by the auditor (which will stay anonymous but just so you know, it was referred by the Polygon Team). So, the whole weekend was a come and go with the auditor, and all issues raised, are now adjusted in our code. At the same time, we had a call last week with the people from Quantstamp, but as everyone knows all the auditors are fully booked, so we will keep pushing with them and other players. We expect to have a full audit to take place while the month of August.

We started conversations on potentially integrating in the future with the fellows from as we continue to look for ways to play and provide safety for our users. Nexus Mutual and other big players require important TVL - so that will be in the future :)

Most of our dev time now is in one of the core aspects that will take us forward. The Tokenomics. We are in the process of development a proper Tokenomics mechanisms which aims to think long term. The team believes the yield maximizer spaces deservers a player with a long term perspective and not the pump and dump 2M% APYs which lasts for 1 single day and then vanishes. So we have been and are in discussions with several people from the industry, from analyst to investors and devs, to design the most proper Tokenomics framework which allows long term investing perspective. We have decided to go with a Liquidity Mining token distribution for our users +airdrop, plus different mechanisms aimed to align a sustainable supply and demand.

And last but not least, in our roadmap which will be posted soon, we aim to become a bridge between the FinTech space and other players of the DeFi sector, between them and our products. So we had different calls discussing potential partnerships in the future. Will keep you updated as we move forward..

So, yes.. we are quite busy building behind the screens 2pi a blue chip yield maximizer with a long term perspective.

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