Our weekly update:

2PI Network
2 min readJul 2, 2021

We had a busy week with many many many exchange of ideas, updates, learning on new tech, product work, iterations, different calls with people from all over the crypto industry, plus more and more learnings, non stop. In essence, just being part of the HackMoney is a mind blowing experience, there is so much going on, that makes it pretty hard to keep up. 1000 entrepreneurs, YES 1000 Hackers!!!! building products, can only make you more and more bullish on the wider ecosystem.

Within this open-source decentralized crypto world, everyone knows we are all in this together, so we see an amount of collaboration across teams which is fascinating.

We had a chance to have calls with the Superfluid, 88mph and UMA and Polygon teams, on 1–2–1 and everyone is here to help and teach each other. Every single call left you out with your brain going all over the place, as there is so much going on…

We believe that the potential of this industry is something beyond imagination. We foresee an amount of disruption pushing wider changes across industries, well beyond crypto itself. We believe the world hasn’t really woken up to what the money legos of crypto will bring to the wider economy.

We had also made some adjustments to our landing page, just to give you a glimpse on where we are heading. 2pi will start as a yield maximizer but will grow beyond that, as the opportunity we have always seen, is on creating products that will bridge the 2 worlds.

We believe the “legacy” and crypto worlds, will eventually blend together as one. As of today, there is too much friction in the system that will have to be corrected in the future, and thats what we are aiming for. Therefore we have launched our landing page which aims to set the direction of 2pi. A world blended by developers for developers.


In terms of Yield farming, we are full mode working on it, and expect to launch in the coming weeks our version one. We will keep you updated!!!!

We are a couple of weeks into the Hackathon and building the product as we speak, will keep you updated.

Please keep learning, as there are tons of innovation going on as we speak.

Crypto is here to stay, and we are proud to be part of this massive disruption…

Stay tuned…