Our first week…

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2 min readMay 30, 2021


keeping you up to date…

So, it’s been less than a week since we launched and woooow! Tons of things!!! So, we decided to give a brief update to our early members of 2pi.

Last week we decided to launch, and…

So far we managed to make our strategies deliver yield non-stop, and our goal is to continue with it and maximize those solid yields day in and day out...

So here it goes, a brief update, where we stand and moving forward. So far this week, and the coming days/weeks we are..

  1. working on some features, such as as the connection with Wallet Connect (so more users can put their investments to work in 2pi)
  2. constantly making minor adjustments to the site 2pi.finance
  3. reviewing our strategies on a daily basis (so far all operating as planned)
  4. started conversations with various partners in order to develop an audit on our contracts. From day one, we aim to protect and provide a level safety of our community and 2pi as a whole (of course contemplating the smart contract risk is there…)
  5. we had our first approach with potential investors in 2pi...
  6. we started discussions with FinTech and other Crypto (legacy) players in order to bridge both worlds. We foresee a world in which 2pi can become a player working together with the wider FinTech ecosystem and potentially with crypto wallets
  7. we understand that the future of 2pi lays out in a complete DAO model in which the community manages and takes the decision of the future of 2pi, therefore we started developing the strategy for a potential token distribution in the future. As described on the book CryptoAssets “ Innovative investors are active participants in their financial future, but this doesn’t mean they must be alone on that journey” (page 380, Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar), we aim to build this together, as a 2pi community!

Moving forward, we have tons “to-do’s”, and we are in early days. We believe this is a long term play, not a sprint.

In the month of June we will take part in the HackMoney Hackathon which is developed by the Ethereum Global Community, in which our goal is to continue building, product, product and product.

We will keep you up to date as we move forward, and we feel grateful to have you with us.

Join us in this new path and be part of this bright decentralized future that just started.

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