Introducing, a Yield Maximizer Made Simpler

2PI Network
2 min readMay 17, 2021

We are a team of devs and finance crypto nerds, focused on building for the long term. We took part of the Scaling Ethereum Hackathon, and as a consequence we built up a product from the ground up.

2pi is born from the idea that we are at the beginning of the financial system for the next 100 years. This deep-rooted commitment drive us, and it is envisioned in our team, from the product roadmap perspective towards the grow of our community and the decentralization of our team in the mid term.

We understand that growth comes from community plus users, therefore we decided to build on top of Ethereum. However, since current gas costs makes it prohibitive to the ordinary user to use DeFi protocols, we decided to grow on top of a solid community such as the Polygon Network.

We foresee our growth in IV phases:

Phase I

2pi will be born with a set of “blue chip” vaults on top of Polygon, using AAVE at first, and will incorporate pools in the short term from QuickSwap and SushiSwap.

We aim to be a “blue chip” type of product offering, which provides consistan growth, in which we believe, will be long term assets in this space.

Phase 2

We believe in a decentralized world, therefore we aim to move towards a governance mechanism via a token in order to incentivize the community to make use of 2pi, as well as to participate on product development as well as direction via a DAO structure in the mid term.

Phase 3

We understand that there is a massive growth in other blockchains, and that we most likely will live a multi-chain world. So we also pretend to make decisions to provide multi-chain yield products in the near future.

Phase 4

As described on The Art of War.” If you know your enemy, the strategic challenge is to use that knowledge to force him to fight on your terms”. This is one of the most interesting long term direction we aim to take. We are referring to the legacy financial system. We believe the FinTech space will move towards using DeFi products in the near term. Therefore, we envision our-self as a full stack DeFi solution which can integrates the legacy systems into the new financial system.

A brief overview of our coming vaults:

Stay tuned, we aim to go live in the coming weeks…