DeFi SuperPowers for Fintechs!

  1. Savings accounts: if we look at the US, let’s use two examples. One of them is which is offering their millions of users an APY of 0.5%, or let’s take it to a typical Bank for Startups offering Start ups a mere 0.1% APY. If we consider an inflation of 5–6% this 2021, we then see negative real rates. In DeFi this rates can be improved by various orders of magnitude and user experience become frictionless. This will make the end user to benefit in the end.

AAVE ARC, Compound Treasury are some of the players starting to work with the legacy systems.We identify many ways in which this can be tackled in the future, and we are here to help, because as mentions “ The Fintech teams who are treating today’s interest in digital assets as a passing fad are missing the bigger picture: this is the Internet coming for their business. They should be working to adapt to this new technology just as their surviving predecessors did 20 years ago with the rise of web 2.0. “ (, 2021).




DeFi SuperPowers for Fintechs

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DeFi SuperPowers for Fintechs

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