Composability means Disruption in Web3

2PI Network
2 min readApr 8, 2022


A fundamental parameter in innovation. It allows instant, transparent and verifiable transactions for various applications which can then be programmed to interact on top of blockchains via smart contracts empowering the Web3.

Composability is at the backbone of Decentralized Finance, and a core vehicle for massive innovation. Only a few +4 million DeFi users benefits from these technological disruptions, and we believe that should instead be in the hands of the masses.

At 2Pi we build our infrastructure interoperating with different protocols, leveraging the open-source blockchain industry to an exponential present and future growth. Part of our decentralized asset management infrastructure is now built on top of “a rock solid” protocol mStable (as described by DeFiSafety which scored a 93% security rating).

By joining forces mStable + Polygon + Xcapit +2PI , and supported by a grant program led by mStable+Polygon, more than 12K users can now experience boosted auto-compounding vaults with double digit yields in USDC, moving a DeFi innovation to a mainstream use-case in Mexico and Latam.

Below is a sample of the auto-compounding 2PI strategy deployed via smart-contracts on top of mStable:

With Xcapit in the front, 2PI as a back-end DeFi partner + “composable join-forces”, the expected result is another small step towards a positive push of crypto mainstream adoption.

Xcapit users now have access to double digit yields. 2PI is the backend enabler. mStable the underlaying protocol and Polygon the blockchain.