Bi-Weekly Updates

2PI Network
2 min readNov 2, 2021

So, you might be wondering what we’ve been working on?


Our audit with Coinspect has finished, and we engaged a new audit with Zokyo. This new audit will delay our roadmap for 5 to 6 weeks. But this is not bad news, now our contracts will be as safe as possible in the environment. Both audit results will be published together when the latest one is complete.


We have been very active growing our community and rewarding all of your efforts!
Our NFT Mission #1 has been completed, and all NFT’s have been sent. We hope you are one of the lucky users who got their hands on one this juicy space themed NFT’s.

Mission 1 NFTs:

Please stay tuned for more community rewards on our social media:

a) Twitter:

b) Discord:

c) Medium:

d) Telegram:


Our new dAPP will be live on Mumbai Testnet by the end of week #44!

Yes, that’s right, our latest version will be available on Polygon Mumbai Testnet, for everyone to try out, and help with the development.

You’ll be able to get some test tokens and start trying our newest version which will be live after the necessary stress tests.

If you don’t know how to set up your wallet and get free test tokens, we will release a How-To-Guide for you to do it. You can also come to our Discord to get help if needed. We will announce the launch in all our social media channels.

So, TL:DR, we’ve been working hard on our security, our community and our new dAPP!

Please join us to continue this beautiful journey, creating the infrastructure to bridge CeFi and our beloved DeFi.