Bi-Weekly Update #2

1 > Testnet is live and running!

Our new dAPP is now LIVE on Mumbai Testnet. Even though our current dAPP is functional we want more than that. So we are working on the new features that will be released with 2PI. Some of the new features will include an Airdrop, following UMA KPI Options, which will be unlocked in phases when certain objectives get achieved. This airdrop model will make 2PI token and the whole protocol more sustainable and long-term aimed as stated in our whitepaper.

2 > Chinese Documentation

We have been strongly supported by Chinese Community, and we are thankful, this is why we are translating our whole documentation to Chinese (to be published soon).

3 > We now have ZAP integration on Testnet

Zap feature will be one of the new features if the 2PI dAPP. It’s probably one of the coolest 😉, so it deserves a special paragraph and presentation.



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