2Pi partners with Defiant app, a non-custodial wallet. Here is all you need to know!

2PI Network
2 min readOct 19, 2022


Latin American countries face a complex situation with inflation spikes resulting in constant currency depreciations. Also, countries like Argentina face new restrictions, and citizens cannot purchase USD dollars.

This constraint leads people to invest their savings in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and stablecoins like DAI, USDC, and USDT.

Defiant and 2Pi join forces in this context to give a self-custodial solution for everyone that wants to invest without the permission of a governmental entity.

2Pi is a protocol that provides a DeFi capital markets infrastructure stack for Fintechs. By partnering with 2Pi, Defiant will open up new strategies to help its users save in stablecoins and earn high rates in stablecoins.

About Defiant new feature

Defiant is a non-custodial wallet, meaning users can invest in stablecoins to generate returns without intermediaries. No centralized entity can have power over users’ money.

Also, the wallet hasn’t got custody over the wallet’s funds. Hence, Defiant cannot freeze accounts. Lastly, the process is anonymous, and no KYC is needed to invest.

Defiant will now trust 2Pi non-custodial vaults on different protocols such as Curve, mStable, Balancer, AAVE, and others operating on top of multiple blockchains such as Polygon and Optimism, which are basically allowing users to deposit and earn a yield on their assets.

2Pi builds up strategies on top of these protocols, connects to Defiant, and lets its users have straight access to yield products.

We thank Defiant for trusting 2Pi and are proud to join them on their journey to help thousands of users access high-yield products on digital assets. Stay tuned for more upcoming strategies to keep in stablecoins without middlemen!


2Pi is a decentralized asset management protocol that allows any fintech, with a connection through an API or SDK, to enter the DeFi system and offer investment rates to its users or treasury. Through money legos, it interoperates different protocols to provide a customized non-custodial solution.


Defiant is an innovative self-custodial wallet that allows its users to own the custody of their digital assets through blockchain technology. As a self-custodial wallet, no entities have power over users’ money. Users are the only ones with access to their funds through their passwords.