2PI dApp Live on Testnet!


Today we launched our new dApp on Mumbai Testnet and we’re looking for all the community to start testing it 😊

To encourage this, we created an Event with NFT rewards for the best 100 feedbacks who fulfil some conditions.

The campaign will starts on November 8, and ends on November 22, then 2PI team will choose the best feedbacks to reward.

  • Start Date: Monday, November 8th
  • End Date: Monday, November 22nd

To ensure that you are real and loyal to become our seed user. You must complete all following task before join in our lottery as requirement:

  1. Follow 2PI medium and give claps on event article
  2. Follow 2PI Twitter
  3. Like and Quote Retweet also @ three people, with hashtags #NFT, #Airdrop, #2PI, #fintech
  4. Join our Discord & go to #testnet-rules to get your Test OG role.
  5. Test our dApp
  6. Give feedback in #testnet-feedback channel
  7. We will have 100 unique 2PI NFT for the best testers


Notice that Metamask wallet is by default connected to the Ethereum network. In order to connect your wallet to the Mumbai Testnet, you need to configure the wallet using the following steps.

IMPORTANT: Metamask might do this for you when you enter our site https://test.2pi.network/ Try this first, if it doesn’t then follow this steps:

  1. Select “Settings” from the drop down menu on the top right corner of your Metamask wallet
  2. Select “Networks” from the menu to the left
  3. Connect your wallet to the Mumbai Testnet using the following parameters

Once you save the network, you will notice the addition of Polygon testnet to the network list.

You can now perform your transactions on the Polygon network.

Step 1: Access the following website: https://faucet.matic.network/ and make sure the following parameter are set:

  • Select Token: MATIC Token
  • Select Network: Mumbai Testnet

Step 2: Add your address. Note that this address is the same for your MATIC wallet.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction.

Getting 2PI’s Faucet test tokens

Now that you have Mumbai Matic, you need to get a faucet of tokens in order to interact with 2PI test platform.

  • Go to https://test.2pi.network/
  • Connect your wallet and make sure you are using Mumbai Testnet
  • Before starting, make sure you have Mumbai Matic to pay for the gas transaction on receiving the faucet. If you need Mumbai Matic, go back to Step 1
  • Click on MINT TEST TOKENS as it will provide you with WETH tokens:

You can now start using 2PI’s test platform and explore its core features using the faucet test tokens.